USB Webserver – Portable WebServer To Test and Run From CD or USB

The world of internet is no longer static but dynamic.If you are a web developer you need to test your code like php for which you need a webserver which need to be installed but sometimes its needed to be shown to clients or to continue your work on a different machine can become difficult.

portable usb webserver

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USBWebserver is a portable WebServer which supports the following webserver software :

  • Php 5.2.13
  • Httpd 2.2.15
  • PhpMyAdmin 3.3.1-rc1
  • MySQL 5.1.44

The interface is also very simple to use.Here’s how to do it :

  1. Download USBWebserver
  2. Copy your php files into the root folder
  3. and it can be accessed from http://localhost:8080/

Note :

  • All the settings files a placed in the settings directory. You need to restart USBWebserver after changing the settings.
  • The default settings for PhpMyAdmin are Username is ‘root’ and the password ‘usbw’
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  1. sharear azam Reply

    At first i thank you for simple webserver. i am facing this issue i put joomls 3.5 in root. while i was in step 3 installation showing- “creating database table….” but 10 minutes going on progress not finished. I have created a database name test.

  2. Vaibhav roy Reply

    I don’t want my phpmyadmin home page to display Default USBWebserver settings. Like my username and password. How can I do that?

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