How To Make Free Phone Calls ( Local and International ) From Your iPhone

VoIP is definitely a killer of a technology to make phone calls cheaper or if it can be said even free.iPhone apps are now taking it to the next level.One such app is the Viber VoIP app which allows making free phone calls to any other phone anywhere in the world as long as the other phone has the same app installed on their iPhone which I don’t think anyone would say no.Forgot to mention that the app is a FREE.


Viber works over 3G and WiFi making it easier to stay connected be it on any network.As both the users need to have the Viber App installed on their iPhones to avail free calls, the app integrates with the contacts on your iPhone showing a Viber Icon next to the name in the contact book if a contact in your phone book has the app installed on their machine so that you can make use of Viber to make free call instead.


This app requires no registration, login anything and is always a click away to make phone calls and also receive calls via Viber just by having your iPhone ON.There’s also missed call notification, so that you don’t miss call even while your busy.

Viber Features :

  • Free Local & International Calls
  • No registration, login required to make calls
  • Call and Receive calls for free
  • Missed Call notification
  • Integrates with phone book for ease.
  • No Ads aswell 🙂
  • Support for Android and free SMS are in the making 🙂

It would be very interesting to see if we would be able to make calls between iPhone and Andriod once both the apps are available which would make it very interesting.

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Download Viber iPhone App – Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


  1. Per Humi (DK) Reply

    Thanks to Viper Media ICN. for this super user-friendly app. The intent will benefit a lot of people and connecting the world even more.
    Seen from my point of view, the App. will benefit from 2 inputs :
    1) if this app does not embrace Android phones, the usage will be of limited value. Since it will be only in relation to 10% of my contacts hvere ill be able to use this app. ”
    2) if you could clarify how you will protect my contacts when I´m giving you access to all off them, to use this App. I think this clarification will make it easier to accept the installation. I do not want to all my contacts to be insecure in any way.

    mange tak Viper Media Icn. For denne super brugervenlige App. intentionen vil gavne rigtig menge mennesker og forbinde verden indnu mere.
    set fra mig vil det være 2 indput som i kan være opmærksomme på:

    1) hvis denne App ikke omfatter Androide telefoner vil den være af begrænset værdi. Da det kun vil være 10 % af mine kontakter jeg vil kunne brug denne app til.’

    2) hvis i kunne tydeliggøre hvordan i beskytter mine kontakter når jeg giver jer adgang fil dem alle for at bruge denne App. mener jeg set vil gøre det lettere at acceptere installation. jeg ønsker jo ikke at alle mine kontakter bliver forudlempet på nogen måde.

    mange hilsner
    Per Poulsen

  2. Dick Reply

    Viber seems like a good option for making free phone numbers from my iPhone. Thanks for the tip!

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