WordPress HTML Tags Stripped Problem Fix – Download Plugin

Many bloggers are facing the problem of strippedwp-xml tags after posting to their blogs using Blogging clients like Windows Live Writer to their self-hosted WordPress blog causing lots of problems, I have been facing the same problem also since the last few months. This is because of the problem in the XML-RPC methods in WordPress where the left angle bracket ( < ) gets stripped.

For example :

This line of text

<a href=”http://www.mysite.com”>Anchor text</a>

ends up looking like this…

ahref=”http://www.mysite.com”Anchor text/a

Lucky there’s a new plugin for this problem created by Joseph Scott One of the developers of WordPress. I’ve tested this plugin and It works. Incase the plugin does not work you can also try out a modified version available at JohnCow [ Direct Download Link ] that implements the fix unconditionally irrespective of version of the xml library being used.

You can check the ticket for this problem at WordPress

Download LibXML 2 Fix By Joseph Scott.

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