Detect, Manage and Trouble Shoot Wireless Networks Using Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

WiFi makes it easy to get connected using WiFi enabled devices like laptops, netbooks, iPad and mobile phones as well.It’s very common that you have frequent drop in connection and which confuses the user about what might gone wrong with the network which was all fine untill a few moments ago.Generally one would try to switch disconnect and try reconnecting or try switching off the WiFi router and back on.But if you could fix the problem, nothing would be better that that but the problem arises in identification of where the problem could be lying.


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Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector is a free tool for managing and troubleshooting the Wi-Fi in Windows OS.It can Search for Wi-Fi networks, Managing and troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections, Verifying Wi-Fi coverage, Locating Wi-Fi devices and Detecting rogue APs.

It also has an interesting feature of helping the user get closer to the network for better signal reception.For this right click on the network for which you like to connect from the list of available networks and select “Locate Mode” which starts off beeper that gets louder when you get nearer to the network, which helps locating the network point.

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It can also perform basic tests like Speed Test, Quality Test and Connection Test.It also shows the WiFi Networks within range and the signal strength of each network and other details about each network like SSID, Signal Strength, Network Mode, Description, Authentication Type, Channel Number, Frequency etc.,.It can also export Wi-Fi networks to .csv file by clicking on Export Networks in the Settings Tab.

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There are also desktop gadgets/widgets available for Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector which helps keep track of the WiFi networks within range from the desktop.

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