xWindows Dock – Portable Windows Dock Similar To Mac OS Dock

Mac OS does have a very disctint desktop feature the Mac OS Dock, that the place holder for the icons that sits in the bottom of the screen that useful in launching the frequently used app.There are a few alternatives for implementing the feature in other Operating Systems like Circular Dock, ObjectDock.

XWindows Dock is a Portable Windows Dock which is similar to the Mac OS Dock that allows placing shortcuts easily by dragging and dropping onto the dock which can also be resized as any windows in the Windows OS on the desktop.

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The dock is placed on top of all application by default the same can also be changed under preferences by right clicking on the dock.The size of the icons on the dock can also be changed by moving the Icon’s Size Slider.The dock can be seen in 2D/3D modes and can be placed on any of the 4 sides of the desktop ie., top, right, bottom, left.

Incase you want to place many icons on the dock and feel the dock is obstructing your work, you can check the “Reserve Screen” option under XWindows Dock which reserves the screen space full width or height of the dock, so that it is no longer on top of other apps.

The icons of applications on the dock can be changed by right clicking on the application icon on the dock, and select properties, next just drag and drop the replacement icon into the icon replacement area or over the existing icon.The description to the icon can also be changed and working directory and arguments if the programs accepts can also be set.

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Another very handy feature of XWindows Dock is Exposé which lets users browse through your opened applications and windows but this feature works only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Just click the icon of running application and wait (or use Alt+Click) to show all windows of a application.

Its very easy to place new shortcuts onto the dock just drag and drop onto the dock.To remove a icon from the dock, just right click on it and select “Remove From Dock”.The app is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP ( partially ).

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