2 WordPress Plugin That Make Widgets Highly Configurable

Since the advent of widgets configuring sidebar and has become more easy for first timers using wordpress.These 2 wordpress plugins make wordpress widgets more easy to manage.

1.Widgets Reloaded

This plugin replaces several of the default WordPress widgets with new widgets that’ll give you more control than the default widgets provide.


The following widgets are available

  • Archives
    The Archives widget replaces the default Archives and Recent Posts widgets.
    The controls are based on the wp_get_archives() function.
  • Bookmarks
    This widget replaces the default Links widget.
    The controls are based on the wp_list_bookmarks() function.
  • Categories
    Replaces the default Categories widget.
    The controls are based on the wp_list_categories() function.
  • Pages
    Replaces the default Pages widget.
    The controls are based on the wp_list_pages() function.
  • Search
    Replaces the default Search widget.
    The option to use the theme search form depends on whether your theme has a searchform.php, and it will only work for WordPress 2.7+.
  • Tags
    Replaces the default Tag Cloud widget.
    The controls are based on the wp_tag_cloud() function.

Download Widgets Reloaded

2.Widget Logic :

widget-logicThis plugin makes the use of conditional tags on widgets more easily without the need of manually coding or using a php exec plugin.This plugin gives every widget an extra control field called “Widget logic” that lets you control when the widget appears.In case you have a custom theme you can add a wordpress ‘widget_content’ filter to tweak standard widgets to suit your theme.

Check out the list of Conditional Tags @ The WordPress Codex

Installation :

  • Upload widget-logic.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Configure settings from the widget admin interface.
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Download Widget Logic Plugin

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