50 Windows XP and Vista Tips and Tricks

computer-active Computer Magazine has compiled a list of 50 tips and tricks for Windows XP and Vista compiled by Mark Wilson.

Here’s what the CA site says

For most people using a computer means using Windows and over the years Microsoft’s operating system has become easier to use.

However, there is always room for improvement, so in this feature we have compiled 50 of the finest tips for Windows XP and Vista. These can help to make Windows even better, easier to use and faster.

Some of the tips and tricks shared are

  1. Access My Documents from the Taskbar (XP and Vista)
  2. Extra speed with Readyboost (Vista)
  3. Save folders after a crash (XP)
  4. Disable Aero Glass (Vista)
  5. Save memory (XP)
  6. Partition a hard disk (Vista)
  7. Make room for Start menu favourites (XP)
  8. Restore a deleted Recycle Bin (Vista)
  9. Automatically log in to Windows XP and many more ..

Check out The Full Article @ Computer Active

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  1. Robert Keith Reply

    Why does my computer keep going offline and I have so many errors in it. I never had this problem with XP Home

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