9 Windows Clipboard Alternate Clipboard Manager Tools

editpasteWindows clipboard has limited functionality, you can utmost have only 1 piece of data in the clipboard.When ever you copy a new piece of data the old data gets overwritten.Here’s a collection of 9 tools for improving the clipboard functionality.

  1. Clip Magic : It’s a clipboard manager and windows clipboard extender that can Store Images, text or URL’s, and items in clipboard can be categorized for easy reference.Hotkeys can be setup for pasting stored clipboard entries into any applications using PastePicker.
    Download ClipMagic
  2. Clip Diary : Starts on windows startup, and will record everything copied on the clipboard into the its database. Clipdiary can log clipboard history and record data in several formats: plain text, RTF (Rich Text Format) and bitmap images (BMP). So, besides saving parts of text, you can easily make series of screenshots, and Clipdiary will save them for you.
    Download Clip Diary
  3. ClipX : ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager, it can be recalled via a hotkey and supports both bitmap and text clipboards. It can be used to manage and increase the features of your regular windows clipborad.As, already said it can be used to copy any type of text, image or file in windows.Press the secondary paste hotkey followed by the number of the item in the clipboard history which you want to paste for faster pasting from clipboard.
    Download ClipX
  4. Ditto : An extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats, and many more.It is portable clipboard manager.
    Download Ditto.
  5. Clipboard Magic : This clipboard extender can dramatically enhance your productivity when cutting and pasting text or when filling in repetitive web forms.Has unlimited clipboard capabilities.
    Download Clipboard Magic.
  6. 101Clips : This windows clipboard manager can store 25 items, and can store text, images and previous clipboard items can be pasted across any applications, even with hotkey.It can also take screen captures of entire screen, active window and individual graphics from browsers.
    [ Read complete review of 101 Clips ] [ Download 101Clips ]
  7. xNeat Clipboard Manager – This clipboard manger gives hot key access to the previous clipboard entries from context menu in any application.Frequently accessed clipboard items can be made as Sticky Clipboard Entries that are available always from the xNeat clipboard manager’s menu.
    [ Read complete review of xNeat Clipboard Manager ] [ Download xNeat Clipboard Manager ]
  8. PasteCopy.net – A portable clipboard manager that can store clipboard items and show preview of previous clipboard items.It can also Convert rtf to txt, Convert html to rtf or txt.It requires .net Framework 2.0 installed for functioning.
    Download PasteCopy.net
  9. The Network Clipboard – All the above mentioned clipboard manages were limited to managing clipboard on 1 system, Network Clipboard is a simple multiplatform utility that allows clipboard synchronization between multiple machines on a subnet, enabling cut-and-paste between different computers.
    [ Read Complete Review of Network Clipboard ] [ Download Network Clipboard ]
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Which Clipboard Manager are you using ?? If you know of any other clipboard manager do share it with us by commenting on the post.


  1. HandyTechTipper Reply

    Thanks for creating this list πŸ™‚

    I tried ClipMate and it works gr8: http://www.thornsoft.com/ for Windows.

    Would be nice if you would also indicate the operating systems for each of your items and whether it’s freeware/shareware/commercial

    I’m gonna give the OpenSource Ditto a try

    • Anonymous Reply

      1. Clip Magic = free
      2. Clip Diary = $25
      3. ClipX = free
      4. Ditto = free
      5. Clipboard Magic = free
      6. 101Clips = free
      7. xNeat Clipboard Manager (formerly ManyPaste) = free
      8. PasteCopy.net = free
      9. The Network Clipboard = free (not updated since 2004)

    • Avinash Post authorReply

      I Agree Evernote is best note taking app, but clipboard managers help do repetitive copy pasting faster.

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