How To Add A Peel Corner To Your Blog

A Peel corner is something that gives a peel-sheet effect on the right hand top corner of your blog, that says “See Inside”.The peel corner can also be utilized as nice place to use as an private ads space which can be sold as the ad comes in the top fold.This can more efficiently be used for promoting affiliate links.

Here’s how you can achieve the Peel Corner

  1. Download the Peel Script from here and extract it.
  2. Open the PagePeel folder and edit the PagePeel.js file, where the line ‘Type your link here’ needs to be changed with the URL of your choice.
  3. Create 2 image files, 1 small (75×75) and 1 big (500×500) and upload them into the images folder inside the PagePeel Folder.
  4. Upload the PagePeel folder to the root of your server.
  5. Add this code after the <body> tag mostly found in the header.php ( In WordPress )

<script src=”./pagepeel/PagePeel.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>



Source : Donalyza

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