Listen To Music Across Network Using Winamp and AjaxAmp From Your Browser

AjaxAMP web plugin lets you access winamp over the network using a web browser. It creates a web based User Interface of winamp installed, inside the browser.It has its own Media Library which allows you to browse, search, and sort through your music and to drag-and-drop folders or music files onto the playlist.

It runs a lightweight server and makes use of AJAX to create the web interface of Winamp in your browser, and uses port 5151

Features :ajaxamp

  • Listen to your music from anywhere using a web browser
  • Control Winamp from anywhere using a web browser
  • Cause your music to play on a remote computer
  • Browse and listen to your friends’ music libraries
  • Use one computer to stream music from a 2nd computer to a 3rd computer.
  • Search your entire music collection at the click of a button

Installation Procedure :

  • Make sure you have Winamp installed.
  • Download the AjaxAMP installer. Run it. It will put a file called gen_AjaxAMP.dll in your Winamp\plugins folder.
  • Finally, open a web browser and point it to the IP address of the computer running AjaxAMP followed by :5151( port on which AjaxAMP is configured to work ). For Example

Download AjaxAMP [Link 1 ] and [ Link 2 ]

Works In Windows Vista/XP/2000.

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