How To Change Default WordPress Settings To Custom Settings In a Single Step

WordPress is by the most popular blogging platform but setting up a wordpress blog requires tweaking its default settings which are most commonly changed to user defined settings by professionals for better usability and SEO.wordpress

But if you are new to blogging you might not be aware of what to change from the default settings, Here’s SEO Automatic Core Tweaks a simple WordPress plugin which is primarily aimed at new wordpress installations.It can completely automate the process of setting up a WordPress blog that is also well optimized by letting users change some of the common default settings like Permalink structure, uploads folder, default email id,change default category etc.,

Here’s what it can do –

  1. Page Ordering for menu now available in WP
  2. Page Link Manager allows choice to not display page on menu
  3. Post Teaser shows snippet of posts on category, archive and main pages
  4. Change default post category name from “Uncategorized”
  5. Change default blogroll category name from “Blogroll”
  6. Delete default “Hello World” post
  7. Delete default comment on the Hello World post
  8. Change permalink structure to custom setting recommended by Scott & others
  9. Sets the Main Blog Email for convenience
  10. Sets the Admin User’s Email for convenience
  11. Change the name of the default page that WordPress adds from “About”.
  12. Set that default page to the static front page of the blog if using WP as a CMS
  13. Add and sets the page for displaying the posts for convenience
  14. Change article feed to summary
  15. Remove all the blogroll links that are auto-installed by WordPress
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It also :

  • Integrates the Page Order plugin – for reordering the WP menu
  • Integrates the Page Link Manager plugin – allows the choice to not display any page on the menu and allows for independent options in the menu widget.
  • Integrates the Post Teaser plugin – allows you to show snippets of posts on category, archive and main pages
  • Integrates Dagon site Map generator – allows a snippet of code to be added, in order to create a static sitemap.
  • Adds nofollow and open in new tab options to the RSS widget.

It is advised to use this plugin before starting to use any other plugins else disable all active plugins and activate only this plugin so no other plugins causes any conflict.


  1. vijayabalaji Reply

    hi friend i have one problem.i already use permalink default setting now to change custom structure. if i changing the page not opening..
    you have any idea

    • Avinash Post authorReply

      There could be a problem in your htaccess file on the web server, check if it has the following code
      # BEGIN WordPress

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteBase /
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
      RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
      RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

      # END WordPress

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