Widget Context – Control Widget Placement In WordPress Without Editing Theme

I’ve earlier shared wordpress plugins Widget Reloaded and Widget Logic that help customizing and control widget placement easily without changing the theme files.Widget Context is a wordpress plugin that lets users control the widget placement in wordpress in a more easy to use manner for a wordpress newbie aswell.

Widgets can can be

  • Shown on specific pages
  • Hidden on specific pages
  • Completely hidden from view


Other than pages it can also be shown on specific URL which can be listed in the “target by URL” text box.Wildcard * can also be used for placement of widget under a specific page for ex., 2010/* to target articles written in year 2010.

After installation the Widget Context Plugin settings are added at the end of every widget for controlling it visbility.This wordpress plugin can be useful if your theme has multiple widgets and controlling widget placement is needed often.

Download Widget Context WordPress Plugin

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