How To Extract and View EXIF MetaData Online From Photos

EXIF Metadata is the data stored in images files taken on Digital Camera’s, which is something that many casual camera user’s are not even aware.FindEXIF is a Online EXIF MetaData Viewer which can extract a lot of data from the image files.FindEXIF can extract data from jpg image files.To know the data from the image files just copy-paste the image URL.

Flickr images are mostly shot using Digital Camera’s.Here’s a sample photo from Flickr which was shot taken with a Sony DSC-H1.

Source – Flickr

Now Head to FindEXIF and paste the image URL and press “Go”.

FindEXIF extracts important data like Date photograph was taken, Camera Make and Model, and more technical data about the photo like Exposure, Compression, ISO Speed, Aperture etc.,A permalink of the metadata of the photo can be used to share the data with others.

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  1. Sandesh Daddi Reply

    I know that there is an information stored in image but was not aware about the name of that thing….EXIF….thanks a lot for this information

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