Folder Menu – Create Shortcuts, Access Favorite Files and Folders From Context Menu In Windows Explorer

foldermenu-1I’ve earlier shared Folder Guide and File Menu Tools which let you customize the context menu of Windows Explorer and are not portable applications, I’ve today came across Folder Menu which is portable app and creates a new context menu for accessing files, folders and which can be accessible under any program(s) and can be easily launched using a keyboard shortcut (Win + W ).

Folder Menu Features :

  • Quickly Launch Folders
  • Launch Folder Menu only in certain applications, which can be configured under “Applications” in Folder Menu Options.
  • Access Sub-Folder from the Context Menu
  • Browse Mode – Navigate sub folders in menu itself. ( Needs Keeping Caps Lock On )
  • Recently opened files and folders can be accessed from the menu.
  • Explorer List – to switch opened windows explorer windows.
  • Toggle explorer settings like show or hide hidden files, and show or hide file extensionfoldermenu-2

Favorites can be added to Folder menu easily by pressing “Win+W” and under “Folder Menu” press “Add To Favorite”.

To add new entries to the folder menu, Press “Win+W” to start up Folder Menu, Under Folder Menu click “Options”.

Download FolderMenu.

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