How To Promote Events On Blogs By Displaying a Floating Message At The Bottom Of Page

Advertisements are the reason for sales for any company, as bloggers Promoting a event or competition or giveaway is important and something that has to promoted well so that all visitors are aware of the event.Just placing a Banner Ad about the event on your blog might not be sufficient.Placing it at a prominent place on the blog is also important and someplace where your visitors don’t miss out on knowing about the contest.

The best way to do it is with a popup message which could be intrusive or using a less intrusive way of placing a floating message bar at the top/bottom of the page.Setting up a floating line about the event at the bottom of the pages might get lots of publicity as the event is always shown at the top/bottom of the screen.If you have a WordPress Powered self hosted blog then the next time you run a contest on your blog, try “Running Line”.

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The information about the contest/event can be placed either on the top/bottom of the page, and it can be further customized with settings like font color, font size, padding,height, border color, scroll speed, scroll direction etc.,


Instead of Posts from Category, It would have been better if there was an option to  include a custom message with some HTML Support.Coming to the style instead of just scroll a few more styles would be even attractive.

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