How To Highlight nofollow Links In Firefox and Opera

Building backlinks is the important task for building the authority of a website in Search Engine Ranking and leaving comments on other popular blogs of your niche is more popular way to get back links and traffic to your blog(s).Leaving comments on blogs with dofollow means the link is given importance by search bots during the bot crawl indirectly increasing organic traffic and also improving backlinks and to your blogs.

But identifying blogs with dofollow attribute is a bit hard, using browser addons and greasemonkey scripts makes it easy to identify dofollow links.Here’s a simple script that does the job on the fly.

nofollow-highlightIf you are a firefox user and having installed GreaseMonkey Addon, then you can install the nofollowhighlight script, which highlights the nofollow links in pink color.The back ground color of the link can be changed by editing the β€œnofollowhighlight.user.js” file or the nofollow links have a strike through by changing the code in the javascript file.

To change the background color

change theStyle += "background-color: pink";


theStyle += "background-color: #EFE5D7";

To strike through nofollow links change –

theStyle += "background-color: pink";


theStyle += "text-decoration:line-through;";

If you are using Opera, Read How To Install GreaseMonkey Scripts in Opera.

Note : This scripts helps identify blogs for building better backlinks.Sometime the popularity of the site on which you leave comments also helps bringing in traffic even though its a nofollow site.So always leave good comments on all blogs/websites you follow.

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  1. Johny Cage Reply

    There’s surely all-in-one addon… i dont remember it but I used to use it … somehow its not in search results these days.. was very poppular. It used to show Google page rank, alexa page rank, mozilla

    which was that..??

  2. Mathias Reply

    I could not download the addon to operate.
    I think the link is broken

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