How To Use Windows XP’s Inbuilt CD Burning Tool

Mxp_cd_burnany of us are not really aware of the Wnidows XP inbuilt CD Burning Tool.Here I will tell you how to use the tool.

When you select a folder with multimedia files like mp3 files or image files inside it, the Picture Tasks/Music Tasks drops down in the the left side, if ” Show Common Tasks” is enabled under Folder Options.

1.Select Copy to CD/Copy To Audio Disc to start copying the files to burn.

[ The burn process is not started ]

2.You get a balloon to the right bottom corner of your screen near the system clock,


3.Click on the balloon or open the CD/DVD drive in My Computer, you would find this


4.Select the option and the XP Burning wizard should start burning your disc.

Note : To Burn any folder, just right click on the folder and select Send To –> CD/DVD drive and follow from step 2.


I hope this method will definitely help you burn your disc’s faster.

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  1. Busby SEO Test Reply

    What about windows Vista? can we use the same steps? i found it difficult to do that in windows vista to burn cd.

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