Improve Game Performance On Slower Computers Using Game Booster

Are your games running slowly in your system, the possible reason could be system requirements for the game are not met.But in case your system meets the minimum requirements and you feel that the games are still slow then you can try Game Booster which will help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play by temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance. Just launch the application and Click “Switch To Gaming Mode”,Game booster will show a list of applications that are running and the amount of memory consumed by each application.You can either select/deselect any application or process that you want/don’t want to stop and press next.

IOBit Game Booster

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After doing the required steps it will show the list of stopped processes and the amount of memory freed.Now you can minimize the application to tray and start your game.After finishing the game, maximize the

GameBooster application from the tray and click “Back To Normal Mode” to restart all closed applications.

Alternately, The game shortcuts can be dragged and drop into the GameBooster Menu, available on the right-bottom corner, to switch to the Gaming Mode Automatically.

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Features :

  1. One Click Game Boost
  2. Speed up Game Play by assigning more CPU and RAM to your games,
  3. Increase Gaming Stability – temporarily closing background processes and unnecessary Windows services to avoid possible conflicts during game play.
  4. Restore stopped processes and applications on exiting “Game Mode”.

Compatible with Windows 7, Vista™, XP(32bit and 64bit)

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