Improve Subscribers To Your Blog Using Scheduler Popup Plugin

Popup’s are not liked by many, but some prefer using them for promoting offers, and some for promoting their blog and giving their visitors a chance to signup for newsletters and RSS feeds to keep them updated of new posts.WP Popup Scheduler is a plugin that allows you to schedule a popups in wordpress blogs.

WP Popup Scheduler Features :

  • Schedule when to show the popup ie., show at all times for new visitors or for the number of revisits.
  • Able to configure it to show only on the home page, visitor landing page or a particular page of your choice.
  • You can configure the popup background color, the popup width, popup headline, font size, font color and insert image.
  • You can also choose animation effects, simple popup, drop down, fade in and LightBox effect.If no effect is selected then the popup can be displayed as a wrap-box before or after the first post.
  • An MCE Editor for editing the text to be displayed in the popup,you can also insert HTML code inside the popup.

Check out the preview of the efffects

  • Simple popup – a simple popup appear at the center of the screen when page is loaded. preview
  • Drop down – popup dropping down from the top after the page is loaded. preview
  • Fade in – popup fade in from the background after the page is loaded. preview
  • Lightbox – The whole screen is blacked out and show only the popup. preview (added in version 1.1.0)


    Download WP Popup Scheduler Plugin here

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