Make Any Window Trasperant Using Vitrite

vitrite Transparency is a nice feature using which reduces the need for minimizing a window, reduces, making windows behind focused window visible faintly. Vitrite helps you achieve the same for each window separately, allowing you to set the transparency level for each window separately.

Vitrite minimizes to the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen. If you wish to make a window transparent, you simply bring the window into focus (i.e. click on it) and press Ctrl Shift [any number on the top row on the keyboard]. There are 9 different levels of transparency: 1=90% transparency, 9=10% transparency, and everything in between.

Screenshot :


Vitrite also has the ability to toggle a window’s “always on top” flag. Just press Ctrl Shift + (that’s the plus sign) and it will make the active window float on top of the other windows. Press it again to reverse this behavior.

This an 85 KB tool, and it can be downloaded from here.

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