MassivePress – Free WordPress Magazine Style Theme

MassivePress A magazine style wordpress theme that lets you offers more content on the homepage,featuring a thumbnail based posting style.MassivePress is a 3 column widget enabled WordPress theme.massivepress

Features :

  1. Columns 3 with the option to use widgets.
  2. Designed for a width of 1080px
  3. Featured Articles photo quilt.
  4. Compatible with WP 2.5.

How to get it work

  1. Download and upload the theme.
  2. While posting Just create an image (140px square) and upload it, then create a custom field called “thumbnail” and paste the location to your post thumbnail in the value field, for displaying it on the homepage.
  3. In the third column, there is a featured article photo quilt, to get your post listed there, create a category called “Featured”. Any post you categorize as “Featured” will automatically be displayed in the featured article photo quilt.
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