How To Schedule Tweets, Track Tweet Performance and Auto Tweet On Peak Times For Maximum Impact

Twitter can be very influential and be very useful for marketing, but there’s no easy way track which of your tweets had the maximum reach and help target you audience.Bloggers also suggest to posts tweets multiple times to reach different audience, that mainly because you don’t have a way to know which time would get you the best reach for your tweets.

Timely is one such web app which can help you identify the best time you to tweets.Just enter your Twitter Username, and the service analyzes your previous 199 Tweets and suggests 4 time slots which can be the most optimal for maximum impact.Just after creating an account on Timely and allow access to Twitter,your tweets will be published Timely your Tweets not instantly, but will do so at the optimum time to get more retweets, more impact and ultimately more visibility .

Timely - Schedule Tweets

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Once you create a account and signin, from where you can track your tweets,performance of your tweet and schedule new tweets.There’s also a Timely Bookmarklet which you can drag and drop onto your browsers bookmark toolbar.This can be useful for scheduling posts without the need of opening your Timely account.Incase you have multiple twitter account you can also add multiple twitter accounts and schedule all the tweets from a single account. 4 time slots are suggested without even the need to login and create a account, Enter your Twitter Username and you get the suggestions instantly.

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The application is free and requires only authentication via OAuth for scheduling and tracking the tweets performance and better suggestion based on the performance of the timely scheduled tweets.

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