How To Show Random Ads In WordPress

radsI’ve shared datafeedr, using which you could rotate banner ads creating a text file with the ad code seperating each ad code with a pipe symbol which was not very easily for users to do, with the new version of datafeedr’s Random Ads Plugin for WordPress 2.8, which has an admin panel for the plugin where you can copy the ad code and also has a widget where you can directly drag and drop in your sidebar makes it easy to show random ads in your blog.

You can create Groups with different ads and insert the php code from the Datafeedr Random Ads V2 admin panel, or place the widget in the sidebar and select the Ad Group.

Features :

  • Easy to rotate ads using admin panel
  • Ads of different sizes can be rotated randomly
  • Widget support
  • Add and removal of ads from a group can be done from the admin panel.

Installation :

  1. Download and Upload the plugin files to your plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Go to Tools > Datafeedr Random Ads
  4. Create an Ad Group
  5. Place a widget in your sidebar or template code in your template files

Download Random Ads Plugin For WordPress 2.8+

Iam currently testing the same plugin in this blog,with Google Adsense and TTZ Media.

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