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Operating systems come default with at least a basic calculator and a few scientific function, but incase your are student the basic operations of a basic calculator or just a scientific calculator are not sufficient.If you work a lot on you laptop then using a software that has all the functions of a handheld calculator could be a better alternative.

SpeedCruch is a free portable scientific calculator which is capable of giving results on the fly as you type.It can also store all previous results which can be easily recalled.Variables can also be assigned and used in expressions for calculations.There are some special variables for example., “ans” which always holds the last calculation result, and “pi” the value of the math constant.It also supports algebraic expressions, mistakes can also be easily rectified with the help of the syntax highlighter, which can highlight mistakes in the expressions.The color for variables, functions, constants and symbols are different for easy debugging.

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As math is a huge world of functions the tool supports auto completion for recollecting the function name, just type in the first letter of the function name and you can see the suggestions.Else using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+F” to find a function can be inserted in the expression.


Previous results can be used in another function very easily, for ex. typing “sin” followed by Enter would result in sin(ans). The best part is that the application can correct simple typo like adding the closing parenthesis for ex. cos(pi/4 is corrected to cos(pi/4).

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During calculation if a functions has 2 parameters or variables has to passed, each value has to be separated using a semi-colon (;).for example gcd(25;5)

SpeedCrunch Features :

  • Store history and display results on a scrollable display
  • Results  up to 50 decimal precisions
  • Unlimited variable storage
  • Intelligent automatic completion
  • More than 50 built-in math functions
  • On-the-fly and selection calculation
  • syntax highlighting and parentheses matching

SpeedCrunch Keyboard Shortcuts :

  • Up/Down – Recall last expression
  • Ctrl+I – Insert variable
  • Ctrl+F – Insert function
  • Ctrl+R – Copy last result to clipboard
  • Ctrl+S – Save current session to text file
  • F9 – Radians mode for trigonometric functions
  • F10 – Degrees mode for trigonometric functions

The list of all functions, variables, constants, history, and math book can be added as new sidebar to the calculator from “View” Menu.

If the tool could also get graphing capability it would very helpful to students.The best part is that this app works across Windows, Linux and Mac OS and can also run as a portable app.

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