Upload and Share Files Temporarily Using Disposable File Sharing Site Upload Pie

Similar to how disposable email id’s which are useful for signup’s or registrations at websites, sometime you also want to share images and documents that are available for viewing for a limited time.Most of the image upload sites let user upload images for free but require registration to signup and then delete the uploaded files or the files expire after a stipulated time if not accessed.

Upload Pie on the other hand is a Disposable File Sharing Site that lets users decide the amount of time the file need to be available for sharing after which it is to be delete.This can be useful during chat sessions when you don’t want the shared files to be available for a longer time for download and viewing.

Incase you need to share a image which is just for temporary use, then you can try Upload Pie., which is a free file sharing site that allows uploads of image ( gif, png, jpg ) and Text Files( pdf, txt ) upto 3 MB in size, and the best part is that you can select the duration that you want the file to be available which could be 30min, 1hr, 6hr, 1day and 1week.

Once a file is uploaded a new url is provided for sharing and which after the time elapse gets deleted from the server and is no longer available for viewing or download.

This is very easy to use as there is no need of any signup and the files can be deleted after a user specified time interval.

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