How To Setup Webserver With Preinstalled CMS Like WordPress, Joomla etc., On Localhost

It is always advisable to test code on localhost before updating the website on the webserver.In the past I shared Server2Go, a portable webserver that could run from CD/USB Drives, but new packages could not be added to the WebServer.If you are new to setting up scripts on localhost, you could try WOS Portable a freeware that enables users to quickly set up a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) based WebServer on their system.It comes bundled with ready to use packages of popular scripts like TYPO3, MediaWiki, WordPress, Joomla etc.,


To first download users need to select the packages to be installed by default, to which users can also add new packages and updates their existing Webserver Setup, from MoWeS Portable.

Different versions of Apache,PHP,MySQL and other CMS and Scripts are available and atleast one version of Apache,PHP and MySQL needs to be selected for setting up a webserver.After selecting your required modules, the download size and the after extraction size are shown for user convenience.

Download MoWeS Portable – Portable WebServer

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  1. JoeS Reply

    Installed Mowes, built site. Can’t get it out of Mowes. Wish I never heard of Mowes.

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